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study work program (swp)

introducing the study work program(swp) at calvary university!

as the cost of a college education continues to rise, so does the importance of achieving it. unfortunately, this leaves many students with little choice but to graduate with massive debt.

calvary university wants to change that through the study work program.

how does the swp work?


3 steps to eduation paid

1. place high-quality, high-character student workers in jobs related to their degree plans. student earn real-world experience, serve in the community, and pay their way through their education at calvary.

2. satisfied employers provide a retention incentive scholarship at the beginning of each semester.

3. Calvary University works with business and other community partners to develop endowments to help fund scholarships to cover the remainder of the amount not covered by the student’s work in the Study & Work Program.

swp student responsibilities
  • maintain a minimum 2.5 gpa.
  • maintain a full-time student status and fulfill all academic and ministry requirements.
  • maintain a 15-20 hour per week work schedule.
  • maintain a job performance rating of at least 4.0 or higher.
swp employer responsibilities
  • provide a 15-20 hour per week job related to a degree program.
  • provide a retention incentive scholarship.
  • complete job performance reports at the middle and end of each semester.

who can apply to the swp?

any current students and new students can apply for the program. we receive information about a wide variety of job openings and will work to provide job opportunities to anyone we are able.  however, not everyone who gets placed through the study work program qualifies for the swp scholarship.  to be eligible for the swp scholarship students must:

  • achieve a 3.0 gpa for the previous semester.
  • be enrolled as a full-time student for the previous semester unless graduating.
  • have a study work program job averaging 15 hours per week or more.
  • successfully complete the previous semester’s study work program.
  • students beginning study work program jobs mid-semester will receive a prorated scholarship based on their start date.
  • receive a positive job reference from the student’s employer.
  • be returning to their study work program job for the upcoming semester

students who meet these qualifications are our top priority for placement.  additionally, students should be:

  • hard working
  • responsible
  • professional
  • eager to learn
  • able to represent themselves, calvary university, and jesus christ well through their employment

how can i get started?

step 1 – submit your study work program application below!

step 2 – you will be contacted by swp staff to work together to prepare a portfolio including a resume and two letters of recommendation.

step 3 – once your portfolio is complete, swp staff will connect with local businesses, churches, and organizations to provide employment opportunities.  you will go through the interview process with any potential employer (note: both the employer and the student maintain the ability to withdraw from the position at any time.)

once a student has been placed, the earnings will provide additional tuition funding for the students in the program.

this is a part of calvary’s commitment to keeping a quality education affordable!